Loop Crypto

Loop: Your Trusted Payment Infrastructure for Web3.

What is Loop Crypto?

Loop offers trusted payment infrastructure for the web3 era, simplifying crypto collection and payments for companies. With Loop, businesses can schedule payments and activate autopay, reducing customer churn and eliminating the hassle of payment collection and follow-up. By bridging on-chain and off-chain data, Loop streamlines invoice reconciliation and accounting, providing the smart contracts and tools needed to automate workflows effectively.

Companies and organizations choose Loop for various reasons, including:

  • Reducing customer churn by eliminating monthly transaction initiation friction.
  • Seamless integration into existing financial stacks, including third-party payment management platforms.
  • Automatic matching of payment details, linking on-chain and off-chain payment data.
  • Real-time notifications for authorization, payment, cancellation, and invoice updates.
  • Ensuring error-free payments in the right amount, desired token, and desired chain.
  • Easy automation for closing out invoices, granting product access, and syncing with accounting software.

Loop continuously enhances its feature set, aiming for rapid development and deployment. Users can stay updated on new features by joining the mailing list or reaching out to Loop’s support team.

At Loop, the team is dedicated to a decentralized and interoperable future, with a focus on automating crypto transactions to accelerate progress. The platform is built by crypto veterans who understand the challenges of manual crypto transactions and are committed to saving users’ valuable time in the evolving web3 landscape.

Updated Sep. 2023

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