Lightning Network

Lightning Network Daemon (LND): Empowering Lightning Fast, Secure, and Scalable Crypto Transactions.

What is Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) represents a complete implementation of a Lightning Network node, offering lightning-fast and secure cryptocurrency transactions. lnd features pluggable back-end chain services, including btcd (a full-node), bitcoind, and neutrino (an experimental light client). It relies on the btcsuite set of Bitcoin libraries and exports a wide array of reusable Lightning Network-related libraries.

As of its current state, lnd boasts several capabilities:

  • Creation and closure of payment channels.
  • Full management of all channel states, including exceptional scenarios.
  • Maintenance of a fully authenticated and validated channel graph.
  • Pathfinding within the network, passive forwarding of incoming payments.
  • Sending outgoing onion-encrypted payments throughout the network.
  • Updates to advertised fee schedules.
  • Automatic channel management through an autopilot feature.

lnd fully adheres to the Lightning Network specification (BOLTs), which stands for Basis of Lightning Technology. While specifications are continually evolving, lnd currently complies with various BOLTs, including those related to the base protocol, peer protocol, transaction formats, onion routing, and more.

Developers will find lnd developer-friendly, featuring HTTP REST API and gRPC service RPC interfaces. These APIs are subject to change, given the evolving nature of the project.

For those interested in contributing to or using lnd, there are extensive developer resources, including documentation, guides, articles, example applications, and community support through Slack.

Please note that operating a mainnet lnd node requires adherence to operational safety guidelines, as lnd is still considered beta software.

Security is a top priority for lnd, and users are encouraged to responsibly disclose any security or privacy issues to the development team.

Updated Sep. 2023

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