IvoryPay: Empowering African Businesses with Crypto Payments, Online and Offline.

What is IvoryPay?

IvoryPay is a dynamic platform facilitating cryptocurrency payments for both online and offline businesses across Africa. By connecting your business to a global decentralized network, IvoryPay enables you to seamlessly accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, providing a convenient and efficient payment solution.

IvoryPay’s versatile product suite empowers your business in multiple ways:

  • Payment Solutions: Easily receive crypto payments from customers worldwide.
  • Storefront: Create customized storefronts using pre-built templates and get paid in cryptocurrencies.
  • Business Wallets: Utilize ultra-secure wallets to accept payments from your customers.
  • Stake and Earn: Increase your earnings by staking a portion of your profit and earning APY.
  • Loans: Access instant loans to scale your business with just a few clicks.

The platform offers diverse payment solutions, including seamless integration into your product checkout page, integrated payment buttons for one-click payments, automated payments for recurring expenditures, shareable payment links, and QR code features to simplify crypto payments for your customers.

IvoryPay’s all-in-one crypto payment suite is designed to support businesses of all sizes, with affordable pricing aimed at fostering business growth. Whether you’re a developer or not, IvoryPay simplifies deployment and integration into your business operations.

More than just a payment solution, IvoryPay is a comprehensive business solution, connecting your business to a global decentralized network and enabling you to receive payments in various cryptocurrencies. Start your journey with IvoryPay today and embrace the world of crypto payments for your African business.

Updated Sep. 2023

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