AirdropAlert is a platform that consistently provides updates to its users about the latest crypto Airdrops.

What is AirdropAlert? is a famous platform to find trusted airdrop campaigns, giveaways, and more. Since 2017, AirdropAlert has been helping millions of people discover new projects and find new ways to earn cryptocurrency. Their founder, Morten Christensen, started Airdrop Alert in 2017 as the first platform for crypto airdrops. He noticed that millions of new crypto enthusiasts were being lured into thousands of scam projects and fake giveaway campaigns. Today, they help run the crypto industry’s #1 rated airdrop newsletter with 360,000 subscribers and are the best place for projects to share their promotional campaigns with millions of crypto enthusiasts. They have a dedicated due diligence team that carefully researches every campaign applying to be listed on 

Updated Aug. 2023

AirdropAlert is listed on MoBlocks

Start using AirdropAlerts right away on MoBlocks. MoBlocks serves as your reliable portal to the realm of digital currencies, providing a safeguarded online journey for effortless discovery of authenticated and carefully curated cryptocurrency platforms.

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